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Dads and Tots

What is It

Imagine a safe place to play and hang out as a dad where you and your children are welcomed. Simply that is Dads and Tots. 

The Dads & Tots program is an interdenominational effort between the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches seeking to strengthen the bonds between dads and their young children. We want to give dads a free and accessible place to play and engage with their preschool aged kids. Each week, we will provide snacks, toys, and the opportunity to meet and connect with other dads. 

A place to connect with other dads and have a safe space for your kids to play.

The group is really to help dads out. There are lots of playgroups and programs for moms, but dads are being left out. Dads have a vital role in the lives of their kids and we want to support dads by giving them a place where they can engage with their kids and be encouraged. 

The first purpose of the group is to encourage dads in their unique parenting role as a father by engaging meaningfully and purposefully with their child(ren)  when opportunities within a play- based environment arise.

In strengthening that role it is recognized that new repertoires of behaviour may require one- on – one coaching. This program then also has as a second goal providing a space for mentorship with an experienced father when such opportunities arise naturally. 

 A third goal is to encourage social networking among the participating fathers that could possibly grow outside the offered program.

Who is

Walking Together

The Walking Together Foundation is an independent charity that initiates and funds ecumenical outreach projects anywhere in the world that address serious social needs in the following areas:

  • the advancement of education
  •  the prevention or relief of poverty
  • the advancement of health or the saving of lives
  • the relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, gender, ill-health, disability or
    financial hardship
  • any other charitable purpose (according to the laws of England and Wales) that the
    Board of Trustees may approve.

The logo of the Foundation, a roundel encircling the Cross from which leaves and branches
sprout, is intended to reflect the new growth that springs from the Churches walking and
working together to bring about needed social change.
The name of the Foundation is intended to convey the spirit of ecumenism that led to the Foundation’s first two projects, and recalls Pope Francis; observation in relation to
Christian unity that:

Unity is made by walking, in order to recall that when we walk together, that
is, when we meet as brothers, we pray together, we collaborate together in the
proclamation of the Gospel, and in the service to the least, we are already

The Foundation, currently in process of formation, and will be established as a Charitable
Incorporated Organisation (“CIO”) under the laws of the United Kingdom. Application has
been made to the UK Charities Commission for approval to operate the Foundation as a
registered charity in England and Wales.

Steps are being taken to establish a second charity with similar objectives in Canada, to be
called the Walking Together Foundation (Canada). It is hoped that the Canadian charity
will be up and running in early 2020.

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